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  • My first real "gig," and a "dilemma." Suggestions welcome.

    Hi all, I've been writing, producing, playing, etc for quit a long time. I've only just recently started wring a lot of "filmey" things, with the goal of eventually doing some film work. Finally, I have a good lead. Actually, it's writer/director with some very good credentials, a lot of indie film awards, etc. He really liked my reel and we are discussing a score for his current project. So, this is not exactly a "post" question, but was looking for the best place to ask for advice; The film that he will likely end up asking me to score is.... well, not just dark, but from the trailer, looks extremely violent. Now, I have no problem with a violent flick, and actually I have plenty of ideas for creepy dramatic effect with my own style for his visuals. Essentially, though, it looks like this may end up being an indie equivalent of "Hostel." Now, I'm not "judging" a film like that, because it certianlly has it's value, and I get it.. understand his vision, etc. However, since I see myself as a little bit less of as "for hire," and wanting to look at my film work as more of an "art form," I actually ended up asking myself- "do I want to be associated this film?" I don't want to blow my chances with this director because he's prolific and it would give me a lot of other exposure and leads. So, breaking into this whole thing, I feel like I'm suddenly considering "turning down" a project for reasons I never thought I'd ever "turn down" a film. It's a big goal of mine to develop this and do more and more film work. Would love to make this a career someday. Suggestions? I have not seen the whole film, and I feel like I should, now that I'm worried about the "content." He's finishing some editing but I understand it's all in the can. Funny thing is, I generally don't have a problem with horror flicks, but I, and everyone I've showed the trailer to, is... disturbed. Suddenly, I'm asking myself- "is my first real film going to be something that I'd never want my fiancee or mother to see?"

  • Hi Steve. You seem to have put everyone else in a dilemma as to whether they should reply or not! So to give the dilemma back to you, look at it this way. If you don't do it, someone else's son, daughter, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, father, mother, fiance or fiancee will. Therefore to avoid being seen as to pass the buck and thereby putting someone else in the same dilemma as yourself, I would strongly recommend that if you have no moral objections to the content of the film, take the job!! I'd imagine your Mother won't stop baking cakes for you when you call round. All the best in your new career....Colin

  • I find that this is very much a personal issue. I wouldn't have a problem scoring a film like this, but I can absolutely understand people who would be in doubt. For me, the only real issue that puts me off is not having any artistic freedom, which also seems to be something you're concerned about. If a project offers you a chance for artistic development, I would take it more or less without question (of course in our finance driven society, as superficial as it might be, money is always a factor in most projects). So if the director is a reasonable person with sufficient insight into music and understands your goal to further yourself as an artist rather than simply being a somewhat skilled work-for-hire, I would set aside your moral objections to the film - the shock factor might drive you to lengths that might completely surprise you and open up a whole new facet to your technique you might otherwise miss out on. Hope this helps. Mihkel.

  • Make the film score and sign it with an alias

    if the film writer will become a star you eventually let the world to know your real name

    in the meantime your mother, sisters etc. will be quite....



  •  Why not score the film simply as practice? 

  • Thanks folks,

    The situation somewhat resolved itself.   A much bigger/ better film came along right when things were going south with the first prospect.   We will stay in touch though, and there might be more work there in the future.

    I normally don't pop on just to say "thanks for the replies," but there was some great advice and in the end I was able to follow my heart and head.