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  • Some Brushwork with Vienna Jazz drums

    This piece utilizes Vienna jazz drums.

     [URL=]Pick Up Sticks[/URL]

    I used brushes mostly throughout this piece with a few measures of sticks (which are obvious at the tail end). In addition, I used Vienna upright bass, alto sax, and tenor sax. (All are downloads. I purchased Vienna Suite just for the drums)

    Please give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.


  • Hi Marko. Sounds really good- just too short!.. Colin

  • Great piece, sounds terrific :) Seems to be a nice drum kit - but somehow that was to be expected :) best

  • Thanks Colin. I know it's short, but I consider a two minute jazz piece long enough. The thought of making an extended jazz piece with all those notes makes my hair stand on end. I would obsess too much over the drums in particular. All those notes!

    Thanks steff3.


  • Sounds very nice indeed, the only comment I would have is that the saxophones have a bit too much reverb for my taste, but I quess that's a matter of taste, really. Keep up the good work. Mihkel

  • Thanks Mihkel.
       I found the brushes a little too forward in this mix and I realized I used the close samples instead of the room samples. I substituted the room samples and the swishes sound better to me.

       I'll have to listen to the saxes some more. I'm still getting a grasp of Altiverb.


  • Very nice indeed. Good job! What are the velocity layers of the instruments?

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    For our Jazz Drums Collection, we actually recorded up to 7 velocities (pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff, always adding occasional ppp or fff where it seemed appropriate to provide a more in-depth rendering of eventual sonic and accoustic varieties) for each hit-type, along with multiple alternations, playing positions and (mostly speed-controlled) repetitions.

    This approach - i.e. paying closer attention to a serious variety of articulations, while still capturing the individual dynamic range of a specific drum or cymbal, as opposed to stubbornly record and map even all 127 possible velocity layers for only very few single hits - turned out to better complement the way we personnally prefer to work when creating sample-based drum tracks, especially for Jazz music.

    By the way, our new Jazz Drums Tutorial Video and a couple of Demo MIDI files are already available for download...

    Cheers and keep swinging,


  • Thanks Robert.

     I think Mrx summed it better than I could. Some of the patches have seven layers to them.

      The ride cymbals are  particularly nice. The velocity layering of the samples permits you to ride the cymbal and get a wider, soft splash while you are executing the ride. It's the best ride cymbal  emulation I have come across.


  • It seems that you have downloaded the jazz drums and now it's operationnal for you. On my side, I have a problem when I launch the installation. The process is interrupted near cab 16. (I've tried to download Three times with the same results...). Have you this kind of trouble ?


  •  I had two incomplete cab downloads during the process and as a result the installation initially went awry. I had to download two files again. I don't recall which cab files they were, but eventually I downloaded all of them successfully.

    Be sure the cab files are all approximately the same size.

    I think the last cab file is significantly smaller than the others, but the rest should be about the same size.

    Good luck.


  • hi

    do you know how or when I could get again the jazz drums collection please ?


  • VSL have stated they have no plans to sell Jazz Drums but with the imminent release of the updated Vienna Suite, maybe we'll see it being offered again as an enticement.


  • That would cinch the deal for me.

    [drum solo......cymbal splash]

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