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  • What is a "Loudness Maximizer?"

    Hi All,

    I'm wondering what is the purpose of a "Loudness Maximizer?"  I always thought that if you use a compressor and a limiter combination correctly then you will get the maximum volume out of your mix without sacrificing dynamic range.  So then why would you need another plugin for maximizing volume?  I'm thinking in terms of plugins like Sonnox Inflator, Ozone 3 (Loudness Maximizer), etc.

    Thanks, Brian

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    A loudness maximizer is a combination of compressor and limiter in one plugin. The compressor is the fader you pull down, and the ceiling is the limiter. A convenient plug in to get a required standard loudness, for example for broadcast delivery.

    @Brian said:

    ... you will get the maximum volume out of your mix without sacrificing dynamic range.

    The dynamic range will be narrowed, and the original crest factor gets destructed.


  • Depends... I believe Sonnox Inflator also includes something akin to a harmonic exciter or distortion which gives an impression of loudness.

  • Well, no matter what the algorithms of the Sonnox Inflator are (they fail to explain what it does on their website), it makes the music louder. If this Inflator algorithm produces better results, I have to test, I may do that next week when I sit on a Pro Stools.

    Since Sonnox states that this process is applied on normalized material, it reminds me of this interesting plugin in LogicPro called Energizer, which also does not compress at all, but raises gradually the softer parts of a track, but leaves the peak unprocessed, note on the 200% process file the peak is still the same, respectively is not clipped: