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  • Using Vienna Ensemble in Logic Pro 8...soloing individual tracks??

    Once I follow the steps to setting up a multi-timbral track, if I want to do things such as solo individual tracks, it just solos all the do I make the tracks independent of one another?



  • Hi Matt. For now I would suggest just soloing the tracks within VE rather than on the Arrange page within Logic. Being able to treat tracks separately within Logic involves doing a bit of setting up in the Environment which I have not as yet got around to doing! If no-one else posts a solution for you, I will get back to you if I have any success...Colin.

  • Hello again Matt. If you're still struggling to set up your software, you may find some useful tips at /forums/p/17167/138279.aspx#138279.

  •  Hi Matt,

    You can set up new instruments in the environment and cable them to the channel you insert Logic Ensemble in. This will give you the ability to solo as normal in Logic and also automatically switch the midi to each applicable Ensenble instrument - see below:



     I found this solution to sort out a score display problem in Logic with Vienna Ensemble. It also allows Logic to address each instrument in Ensemble as a seperate Logic track/instrument. 

  • Hi Julian. Are you able to use individual track automation with the way you have it set up?..Colin

  •  Hi Colin,

    You can't use Logic's track automation volume as this does not limit itself to one midi-channel so by drawing volume it actually affects the master output volume of the VE. However what I do, and it works equally well, is to enter a bit of control data in the track I'm automating - either by using a master keyboard or entering it manually in the event list. Once this is present go to view options in the arrange page - enable hyperdraw (autodefine should work - otherwise choose your display filter manually) then you can now see displayed the control information.

    Once displayed (you may have to turn "view track automation" off on the track you are working on) you can then breakpoint edit and draw further automation in pretty much the same fashion as Logic's own volume automation.

    Remember to select in the VE midi control page what control data you want to have affect what parameter but if you use control 11 expression this is already default mapped to volume.

    So the net result of this set up is automatic midi switching between Vienna Ensemble multitimbral parts and soloing, muting and automation available almost as if it were an individual plug-in.

    hope this helps


  • Thanks for that Julian. I shall give it a go when I get back from work. Cheers...Colin

  • Thanks a lot guys for your help. I will try the set up you suggested, Julian, and let you know how I get on..