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  • My First Mix using VIENNA SUITE

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    Thought you might like to hear my first mix using VIENNA SUITE. Compared to my original mix, I strongly believe the plug-ins are diffently worth the investment, especially considering the included presets specially customized for Vienna Instruments . . .


    Let me know what you think . . .

  • Chuck, I thought it was a nice piece.  Well done. Best, Joseph

  • Found myself humming it around the supermarket this morning....agree with Joseph,nice music.-Colin.

  •  Thanks Joseph ....   I appreciate your kind words.

  •  Thank You Colin for your kind comments.  I'm happy you enjoy the piece.

  • Very nice and sad

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  • Hi Chuck,

    I have a question for you.  Is this Remembrance (using Vienna Suite) a different audio file from the Remembrance file that you posted earlier? 

    I'm thinking of the one posted on this link:

    If so, who made the plug-ins you used on the earlier one? And also, did you use the same settings for each version so that the Vienna Suite version is pretty much and apples and apple comparison with the one you didn't mix with Vienna Suite?

    Thanks, Brian

  •  Thanks Cyril.  I'm very glad you enjoyed it and that you experienced the emotions that I was trying to achieve.

  • Hi Brian,

    The mix on the first post I used out-of-the-box plug-ins that shipped with Logic 8.  On the second mix, I zeroed out my pans and inserted the VSL PowerPan plug in.  I used one of two formulas for each instrument to try for the same LR placement.  If the instrument was left of center I took my pan value X and plugged into the formula ((X/64)-1)/2 to obtain the percentage placement.  VSL use 1-100% versus Logic using -64 to 0 and 0 - +64.  If the instrument was right of center, I used ((X/64)+1)/2.  I then adjusted the width of each track by listening to it's placement compared to instrument placements in audio records that I enjoy. 

    I also used the VSL Equalizer on every track and where applicable, used the one of the presets that shipped with the product.  I had to do some experimenting to decide which sound I liked the best.  In both mixes I used only a single Altiverb Todd-AO reverb utililizing two bus sends on each group bus (one wet and one dry) to control instrument debth.  That didn't change from mix 1 to mix 2.  I did replace the Logic EQ on the Reverb Bus with the VSL Master Equalizer and adjusted the settings to match what I had in my original.  The biggest changes were in my MAIN output bus where I used the VSL Master EQ (using presets that came with it), the VSL Exciter to provide a more Hollywood sound, which I didn't have on the original mix, and the VSL Limiter (again using presets shipped with the product).

    After setting up the plug-ins, I did find that I had to adjust track volume automation mainly on the percussion and violins to achieve the desired blend.  Apples to apples comparison was my original intent but some tweeking was required.  I do believe that a better mix was achived using the VSL plug-ins and I contribute much of that to the presets that came with the product.  Hope this answered you questions......

  • Thanks Chuck!  I appreciated the detailed answer and it helped a lot! [:D]

  •  Your welcome Brain.  Anytime....[:)]