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  • Bring back Discount Calculator

    Now that discounts exists when you own SE, download instruments, I think the Discount Calculator should make a return...

  • You can see your discounts and all theoretical disocunts for each product if you click on the "Discount Detail" menu in the product page.

    For example for the Woodwinds I collection: 



  • Thanks Herb! Question: If I buy the complete SE, what's the discount from the Cube?

  •  Hello Robert, 

    the Special Edition Full Library is 625 GBP. As it contains quite some instruments that are not included in the Symphonic Cube, your discount will be 413 GBP. If you have any further questions concerning specific calculations, please don´t hesitate to contact support [at] vsl [dot] co [dot] at



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL