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  • Jazz Drums

    I just saw the Jazz Drums special offer on the Vienna Suite. It says the Jazz Drums won't be commercially available after Jan.15th. Did you really mean that, or did you mean to write that they won't be commercially available until after Jan.15th?

    It seems odd to record a library in such detail, but only 'sell' it for 2 months, and then only to people who actually want a different product.

  • Hi Pingu, 

    the Jazz Drums are indeed not planned to be a commercial Vienna Instruments Collection at the moment, so they won´t be commercially available. It is simply a great give-away with the Vienna Suite. We are working on Video Tutorials for the Jazz Drums right now, so you will know more about it soon!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Vienna suite is cool, but Jazz drums... Please reconsider, it would be a nice download product and a good addition to your upright bass.

    I'd buy it right now, and something tells me I'm not the only one. The search for a real good jazz drumkit began along with sampling!

  • Although it is a bit bizarre to combine a free sample library with an effects suite, I think people should focus instead on value. This is an extremely fair price for either product on its own. Don't get confused by the unusual marketing gimmick. Just ask yourself if you would pay that amount for either the jazz drums library or the effects suite, and if the answer to either question is yes, then obviously buy the suite now!

    Although I own B.F.D. 2 and all of its expansion libraries (including those from third parties), I look forward to Jazz Drums, as I suspect it will be more useful for a genre that's all about expression and nuance. The B.F.D. 2 interface is great, but isn't necessarily ideal for every situation. Vienna Instruments' matrices and control mapping may end up being more appropriate towards a playable and usable jazz drum setup.