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  • Looking for thread: Concert hall noise

    Hi guys,

    there was a(nother) thread some time ago about adding orchestra hall noise (clicks, rustling, etc.) which I'm trying to find here but somehow for the life of me can't.

    Somebody posted a link to one or more free files and someone else said something like "That's exactly what I was looking for". Can anyone point me towards that thread, and/or those files?

  • Hi rocnathan, Believe you'll find what you're looking for on Beat Kaufmann's website. Colin.

  • Hi again. I should have checked first! Audience noise appears to be part of a tutorial you have to pay for. Sure someone else will point you in the right direction though...

  • How long of a file do you need? I have one that is about 1 minute and 16 seconds, mostly crowd noise, concert hall filling in, and musicians messing with their instruments. I also have one with orchestra tuning before the director walks out.

  •  Basically, it's just for added realism - hall air, clothes and pages rustling, valves and bows clicking, that sort of thing. It doesn't have to be long, just long enough that I can loop it without any too obvious repititions. If you have anything like that, that would really make my day :-)

  • Is there an e-mail or FTP address I can upload it to? I'll just send them to you and if you can use them great, if not no big deal. Let me know.