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  • Controller unable to switch to single mode

    To anyone out there who can help me, I've got a Yamaha KX88 Midi Controller keyboard and recently it's been giving me headaches by not enabling me to switch to single mode. It's stuck in dual mode all the time. Now every time I put on a VSL Special Edition sound, it sounds like a double-layered instrument, and it sounds horrible! I wonder if that's the cause of it??? Not only that, my portamento articulation is messed up to. I use to play two notes separately and the portamento will link the two notes (just like everybody else, I guess). Now I have to hold on to one note, pressed the other, and release it, then only it starts portamen-ting. Can somebody tell me why this is happening?????!!!!! Actually I just need to know, if it's because of my KX88 unable to switch to single mode that's causing all this problems or it's my VSL??? Besides repairing my keyboard (assuming that's the problem), is there a way to do something on my VSL to fix this problem? Any sort of reply will help!!!! Thanks! Onn.