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  • Would Appreciate Your Feedback - The S. S. Edmund Fitzgerald Memorial - "Remembrance"...

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    Today (Nov 10, 2008) is the 33rd Anniversary of the wreck of the S. S. Edmund Fitzgerald, a Great Lakes freighter while in a gail in Lake Superior, lost all 29 crew members. Every year since this tragic event, family members, friends of the crew and the general public hold a memorial service remembering her crew. This year the event is being held in Pinconning, Michigan.

    I have written a song dedicated to the crew of the Edmund Fitzgerald that will be played tonight during the latern lighting cermony. This is my first composition using a newly designed Logic template and VSL exclusively. I would very much appreciate your feedback. I consider myself a student in the area of virtual orchestration and admire many of you who have contributed works on this site. I would highly appreciate any comments and suggestions that you may have pertaining to the orchestration, mix, etc.

    I know I have work to do in this area and am looking forward to your feedback. You may hear the mp3 by clicking on the song name below...


    Thanks . . .

    Chuck Green

    The Music of Chuck Green

  • That sounds like it will be very effective.  Nice composition!   As far as criticisms go, well, if you can get Appassionata strings maybe the violins would sound better though it is still good the way it is.    

  •  Thank's William for the kind words....  I do have Appassionata Strings and are using them throughout this arrangement.  I was using the Appassionata Strings (i.e. violins, violas, etc) mixed with 25% of the solo instrument of the same kind.  I believed I read that technique here on this forum.  As for violins, I am using Appassionata combined with the solo violin as my violin I and orchestra violins as my violins II.  The thought was to prevent phasing in unision passages between the first and scond sections.  Are you suggesting that I should have a little silkier sound in my string section?  Maybe overlaying the solo patch with the section patch even though it is at 25% volume may be too much?  I appreciate you comments......


  • Nice job! [;)] I would say, be careful when using the pitch wheel so dramatically on exposed solo instruments.  Use of the pitch wheel like that really draws one's ear to those moments, so unless you have some structural reason for using the pitch wheel on those notes, it can sound kind of bizarre and out of context.  The other problem with the pitch wheel on those moments (i.e. like the ones with the bassoon) is that it draws attention to the fact that the samples are equal tempered.  This normally isn't much of a problem, but the pitch wheel especially draws attention to it because I can hear the instrument sliding in to the pitch and it feels like it never gets totally in tune even though I can tell you've released the pitch wheel.

    Again, great work with the samples! [:D]


  • Hi Brian,

    this isn't exacty about the piece (love the piece but agree with the pitch wheel thing). I noticed the website says "perished in a gail". Shouldn't that be "gale"? - I just thought that sort of thing might be potentially embarrassing in that context. :-)

    There is one thing about the piece, but it might just be me: on my crappy 200 Euro m-audio "monitors" the horns do some serious boomimg in the lower regions towards the end. Are you using epic horns? Because I noticed they tend to do that (again, on my system) and I usually take out a little 250-500 for that reason.


  • Thanks Brian....  I'm glad you liked my piece.  I understand what you are saying about use of the pitch wheel.  I was attempting to get some what of an Irish feel to the song considering that Edmund Fitzgerald, the man the ship was named after, was from Irish decent.  Probably a sample that was recorded with a bend would have worked better in this instance.  I will take your advice to heart moving forward.  Thanks again for providing input.


  •  Hi Roc,

    Thank's for listening to my composition.  Yes I used epic horns in the arrangement buy I haven't experienced any booming.  I'm using KRK Rocket 8 monitors and Sony MDR-7506 headphones.  I will take the CD around to other speaker/players that I have available to me and see if I can pickup on the booming horns.  I will definately watch out for that as you suggested.

    Also....  Thanks for catching the spelling error on gale.  The website has been corrected.  Actually when referencing the the wreck of the S. S. Edmund Fitzgerald, one usually reads about the ship was in a gale.  The truth is (according to the US National Weather Service), a gale is classified as winds between 34-47 knots or 39-54 mph.  The Edmund was actually experiencing winds in excess of 75 knots at the time she and her crew sank, classified as hurrican winds.  I guess the word gale has more of a dramatic effect on people.

    Thanks again for your input.... highly appreciated.


  •  Glad to be of service :-)  Like I said, it's porbably just my POS monitors, but since my headphones are even worse, I often have trouble distinguishing real boom from "POS effects".

    Also, sorry for calling you Brian :-)

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