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  • Some questions before buying

    Hi there, I've got a few questions about the VSL software. I've got a G4 laptop with 1gb ddr sdram, I would like to start with the special edition strings section only and slowly buy more and more, the system requirements tell me that this is possible, but will it work fine? I have to buy the SE-strings and the VSL-key, is that correct? isn't there anything else I have to buy? (I mean, for using the instruments) I have a USB-harddrive, it is possible to install the instruments to this drive and load them from there? Thanks for the answers!

  •  Yes, you have to purchase the Vienna Key. This will be the physical dongle that stores ALL your licenses as you begin to purchase other libraries in the future (which i guarantee you WILL! :) ) Not sure about the RAM issue; your host application will be eating a good deal of RAM simply to run. If you use Vienna Ensemble, it will use it's own RAM allotment, whereas a single instance of Vienna INSTRUMENT will be using RAM from "within" the sequencer application. Does that make sense?  1Gig isnt a whole lot or RAM considering your operating system will also be using a portion of RAM... anyhow.

    Personally i wouldnt use USB, but seeing as how you're on a laptop, that might be your only option if you dont have a lot of free disk space. As long as it's USB-2 it should be able to stream fast enough, but the more instruments  you use the more you may notice some bottlenecking.

    And it will probably be handy to have some sort of MIDI keyboard controller, if you dont have that already :)

    > michael 

  • aha thanks! The usb-drive also has got firewire, would that be better? With my hardware-setup, up to how mutch tracks could I go? Thanks, bob

  •  Hello

    The RAMs limit the number of samples which your LapTop can load into them.

    One part of your RAM-Space will take the system, another part will be occoupied by Logic or Cubase and the rest is for the VSL- samples or other effects like the SpaceDesigner, Altiverb etc. These reverbs load their room-samples - or a part of it into your RAM as well...

    Further: The more audio tracks you have in your project the more space you need also for them. The DAWs put the first second(s) of these tracks in the RAMs as well...

    I recommend > 2GB for working with VSL together with the other things around the music production with samples.

    USB-HDDs will be a problem when they should "hand" lots of samples in the mean time. This happens when your LapTop should play a whole orchestra. But this is not possible with your RAM-configuration (it is not possible to load the articulation for a whole orchestra)...

    provided that you use more than one articulation per instrument - which is the normal case.

    I'm also using USB-HDDs - and they work well for smaller orchestras. So the USB-HDD should not a problem for you at the moment. 

    All the best


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":