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  • Reverb tails on all reverb instances?

    Hello everyone,

    I have recently started reviewing my template as I am beginning to do more orchestral work than pop work.

    My question is related to the use of multiple reverbs on a mix. I understand the concept, which is to use 3 or more depths to simulate a room (and also, from the Star Trek thread, to use different impulses if necessary to get the balance of various libraries correct).

    But, I am confused about the use of reverb tails. I have read in several places that one method widely used is to have Early Reflections only on the "depth" instances of the reverb, and then have a reverb tail over the master (or orchestra bus).

    I understand how this would work, but surely the tail is different for each of the depths (for instance, the tail on an impulse taken at 3m may be significantly different from the 8m or 13m tail)? Why would you only use a single reverb tail, if you have gone to the trouble of setting up several instances for depth perception? Would you not have the tail on for all the instances?

    Thanks to you all,