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  • Defining pitch range in VI

    Hi, It's surely easy but I'm not finding how to do it. I'd like to set up 3 cells in VI (either vertically or horizontally) and asign a pitch range to each cell. A Bari sax (sus) in one, Ten Sax (sus) in the second, and Alto Sax (sus) in the third, and have a "virtual sax section" while playing at the keyboard. Thanks in advance for any solutions! All best

  • You can do this in Vienna Ensemble using three instances on the same miditrack.

    For each instance you can set the play range individually.



  • Thanks Herb! I hadn't thought of using VE for that. I'm still trying to get my Finale - VE connections happening so that I can do a project entirely in Finale instead of Logic. All best,