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  • Blank page after bank verification :(

    Hello, I tryed to buy SE Strings and with the new security for credit card when my bank authentificate me i'm rediriged in the site but I cannot finish the transaction because I can only see a blank page without any link, just a beautiful white page :( How can I do to buy my strings ???? I tryied with safari, firefox, camino, opera but it's always the same

  • this usually happens if you have something on your machine which opens iframes in a new window or tab instead of within the page, so after the creditcard authorization the bank redirects to our success page but the surrounding is now missing and the process can not continue (you should see no VSL menues during the authorization process if this is the case)

    possibly it is actually the bank's authorization page which forces the content of the iframe to be opened in a new window ...


    unfortunately there is nothing we can do momentarily, please feel free to place a backoffice order - if you email support which bank it is we will ask for a solution from our payment provider.


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.