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  • Wordclock question


    I have a question about having a proper wordclock. I have read that having a really good wordclock improves the quality of the signal, but is this only for recording in and also the audio out?

    Does it make any difference to the quality of the signal if you are just using say logic with vienna and mixing in the box?


  • The difference between using just an average clock-source compared to a "good" one (which also means: proper cabeling and and a valid concept of clock-distribution) is quite obvious. In your case, you would benefit from better monitoring, achieving valid results more easily. But looking at the mere bits and bytes, the quality of your final mixes is independent from the quality of the clock-source, as long as you bounce internally, within one computer, without any outboard-gear or D/A-conversion being involved.

    That said, I have to add that I'm convinced that in many cases the stability of the word-clock-signal is a very small problem when you look (and listen) to the rooms many people work in. My advice would be: As soon as you have all the basic tools (DAW, host, monitoring, instruments - be they real or virtual), spend as much money as you can afford on acoustics. Done properly, the effect is very obvious and doesn't need an update next year ;-) ... add more (and "better") gear not before the acoustics are good.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library