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  • legato-sus = double notes? What am I doing wrong?

    Ok, I know I must be doing something wrong because as it stands these patches are unusable. I'm new to SE and am trying to figure out how to use these legato-sus patches. When I load them in a VI (using VE as my host) and simply play them after every legato there is another note, making it sound like a hiccup. This is happening to ALL legato-sus patches I've tried.

    According to the manual, the legato-sus patches combine the performance interval with a sustain patch using a crossfade, so it sounds like the crossfade is not working! Are these cross fades user controlled ala the sostenuto blend patches of old, or is it suppose to be automatically taken care of by the VI player. If its the later, I must have broke it!

    If you need audio examples I'd be very happy to provide them. I'm running the latest of both VI & VE (downloaded & installed both last week) in Logic 8.02. The VE is running on an intel mac-mini while my host is running on a Dual 2.5 PPC G5. Thanks!

  • Its weird, I restarted the computers (both host & slave) and it now the patches work fine! I'm new to VE & Special Edition, and I hope these little weird issues dont persist on actual projects (currently just testing the system) as I never had a problem running other vienna VI straight in logic; only now that I've added VE are these problems popping up. I'll make sure to post if they do. :-)