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  • Global Optimise?

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    I know that this has been requested, but I can now put it in perspective. Before I put a cue to bed, I like to optimise it, so that if I need to get at it in a hurry, I don't have to wait for my template to load. So because I have to Optimise each Instrument separately, it takes ages to do.

    If there was a Global Optimise for each Vienna Ensemble instance, then it would save a lot of time for me. Some figures with my template:

    1. Global Learn and Optimise. A minimum of 21 mouse clicks.
    2. Per Instrument Learn and Optimise. A minimum of 426 mouse clicks.

    See what I mean?


  • Very good point and I would agree 100%! Here's to hoping its will become a feature in the future.

  • I also think this is a very good idea - excellent suggestion DG!