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  • question about names of Vienna files

    Hello! Could you please write out these names of Vienna files: SO, HA, HS, SUL, RC, RS, PONT? I understand these ones: sus, rel, gliss, trem (sustain, release, glissandi, tremolo), but as to mentioned above i need your help.

  • Hi there.

    SO - soft

    HA - hard (or Harp 1, depending on context)

    SUL - on the same string

    RS - release

    PON(T) - sul ponticello (on the bridge)

    I don't recognise HS and RC but if you tell me where you saw them I can probably identify them.

  • thanks so much! but what means "SUL - on the same string" and "sul ponticello (on the bridge)"? sorry i didn't undestand it. HS and RC i saw in GLASS HARMONICA.

  • The strings 'performance legatos' are based on real played intervals. You can choose between regular (perf-legato) intervals played by moving from one string to another, or intervals played on the same string (perf-legato-sul). 'Sul ponticello' is a strings bowing technique in which the player bows the string very close to the instrument's bridge, producing a thinner sound. It's often used in conjunction with tremolando.

    I checked Glass Harmonica but couldn't see those names, could you tell me where you're seeing them?

  • thank you, now it's clear about that! as to glass harmonica i got these titled kontakt files (.nki), when converted .gig's to nki's through CdXtract. thus, now i have got such files as GLHA_all.nki, GLHA_port+RC.nki, GLHA_sus+RS.nki and so on in my 01 GLASS_HARMONICA folder.

  • You can download for all products a pdf manual in the User Area.

    Each manual has a  "Abbreviations" chapter  where all used abbrevations should be listed.



  • HS refers to half-tone trills, although i assume the H & S stand for Half Step 

    edit: heres everything else, straight from the free, dowloadable manual!!! [;)]

    1+2 key switch combination of left and right hand strokes
    acc accelerando
    all combination of all the instruments of a type
    bow played with a bow
    cent center
    chrom chromatic
    fing finger
    FX effect
    H high (range)
    HA hard (mallet)
    L low (range)
    MA Mallets
    ME medium (mallet)
    mute muted or damped
    nail fingernail
    pont bridge
    port portato
    RC release controller
    RS release samples
    sec secco
    SO soft (mallet)
    stac staccato
    sul-pont sul ponticello (played near the bridge)
    sus sustained
    tr trill
    trem tremolo
    tr-HS half tone trill


    GLHA Glass harmonica

    VER Verrophone

    MU-GL Musical glasses

    LI5 Lithophone, large (5 octaves) 

  • thanks a lot! that is what i needed!