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  • Sibelius 5.2.5 & VE3 on same XP64 machine!

    I would like to know if anybody has run Sibelius on Windows XP64 with VE3 successfully (same machine). If so, although Sibelius is a 32 bit application, can VE3 still access loads of RAM?

    Many thanks

    Leif Sundstrup

  • Leif

    Actually I asked this a little while ago and turns you don't even need VE3 (can't remember which helpful person told me that)

    I now use VE2 on with sib 5.2.5 on XP64 and I'm currently accessing ~ 0.5 GB (5 altiverbs and Kontakt) in Sib and running 5 VE2's  accessing ~ 4.2 GB   

    I have 8Gb in total and VE reckons I can still get at another ~ 2 GB  

    Hope that helps!


  • Hi Steve,

    Great news. I take it that you run the 5 Altiverbs hosted by Sibelius? I have a Supermicro server with 16Gigs RAM and dual xeon CPUS that have run great as a server with Sibelius on my main machine. When running a huge orchestra on the server using Vienna Instruments, the server only peeks 11% - 18% CPU load (with x-fading and legato!). I figure if I install Sibelius on server computer there will be plently of grunt. Does the Altiverb use many resources as I currently use GigaPulse VST.



  • Leif

    Mine is a Xeon Quad with 8 GB. When running 32 VIs in 5 VEs- and with a silly orchestration ie semis all over the place - the CPU does get to about 40-50%. Not sure whether that is altiverb's "fault" - haven't really thought about turning them all off and having a look!

    And yes I host altiverb in Sibelius - on XP64 altiverb won't run except in "fake" 32 bit, so you can't host it in VE.

    On that note - when I was setting up my system I was advised (somewhere!) that Gigapulse isn't compatible with 64bit at all - ie won't even run in 32 bit mode. Don't know if that's still the case.

    Forgive my non techie descriptions of the 32/64 bit thing - but I hope it answers your questions


  • Steve,

    Thanks for the info.

    Until now the 64 bit slave was used only via ethernet (Vienna Ensemble 3) and did not have a sound device. I am interested to know what sound device you use. Do I need to get 64 bit drivers or 32 bit drivers to work with a 32 bit application (Sibelius) on a 64 bit OS.

    I use M-Audio Profire Lightbrige and also have an M-Audio Fast Track Pro and Digidesign MBox micro. I can't find 64 bit drivers for these products. M-Audio only have 64 bit drivers for Vista!


  • Hi

    Yep I tried M-audio, failed and had a really unpleasant conversation with their support team who essentially blamed my Pc!

    So - I now have an edirol UA-25 for which the XP64 drivers work perfectly.

    I only use my system to write ie not render perfect performances, and so this little box does the trick to get the stereo mix out to my monitors.


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