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  • Special Edition installation

    Who could help to make the Vienna Special Edition to sound. I work with Sibelius and I do not get any sound, it seems that the sound manager of tihs package did not got installed. ¿Is there a new installation software?

  • did you download the sibelius soundsets? They are located under the "needful things" section of the user area. While you're there, make sure to download all updates.

  • There is a wonderful instructional video on this side made by Andreas Olszewski specifically about running VSL with Sibelius. It tells you step by step how to set everything up.

    It is located here:

    It says "Sibelius 5 and Vienna Ensemble (NEW)".  Download it and it should get you fully up and running. Also make sure that you upgrade to the latest version of Sibelius from their site. I believe it is 5.2.5.