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  • Special Edition: Organ & Bosendorpher not working?

    Hello, Just purchased & installed SE, installed the library update online, and noticed that there are some instruments not playing. I'll load any patch from the Bosendorpher or Organ but they produce no sound. Not even the prest matrix work! All other sounds/matrix work fine. Any ideas? This occurs both in a host, and as a standalone. I'm running VI v2.0 build 3238 on OSX 10.4.11 PPC G5 7GB RAM. Thank

  • Bosendorfer and Organ do not support velocity crossfade.

    Just switch it off and everything should work.



  •  Hi Herb,

    Please let this know to Maya...

    I have present this probem to Maya in september and

    she answer me to reinstal the whole SE pakage !!!

    Fotunatly I have wait...


    I just read your answer and you are right...

    Now Organ and Piano are working.



  • Works now here as well. Thanks!