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  • VSL makes horrible Feedback in Cubase4

    Hello! I just bought the VSL Special edition. I wanted to us the VI`s for arrengements I did with another VST instrument. So I loaded the VSL instrument in my arrangement, that this will play the midifile. But once I pressed the playbutton, a horrible Feedback was coming through the speakers. It was really loud and lasted some seconds. After this the VI had no sound anymore. If I use the VI in a new arrangement, it works. But, I want to use it for the older arrangements too. So, does anyone has a solution for this problem? Cheers, Sautersongs

  •  Hello and welcome Sautersongs,

    this sounds like a MIDI loop to me. Hard to say what might be wrong here from the distance.... I would strip down your old arrangements to just one VI and analyze the routing. If you find the difference to a new song, you should have solved the problem. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL