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  • Which way to go?

    Hi all,

    I'm almost ready to start upgrading my Vienna collection and am thinking of which way to go next?

    I currently have the standard library of the Special Edition, and have just upgraded myself to a nice Mac Pro and Logic 8.

    The issue I have is: Do I start building up on my Special Edtion, going for the extended library next, then eventually adding the +

    Or do I start building up the full version, starting with brass I, brass II etc, to eventually lead onto the full shabang.

    The second option could take years, and the first option lacks articulations and the veloctity layers that I want.

    The download instruments do offer the speciality patches that the special edition does not include (euphonium, fanfare tpts etc.) but still doesn't give me all that the Special Brass collection would offer.

    I'm intrigued to see if anyone else has gone through this dilemma, and how they decided to go, or if anyone has an opinion.



  • Hey Joe, in my opinion start with the S+ (so you will have enough articulations to do a lot of your incoming jobs and build the rest f your library on demand. Thats like I do it. With the S+ extended you have a phantastic little orchestra out of the box. (and who knows when you will ever need special dynamic articulations for piccolo trumpet (like you have them in the full libraryrs). And if you will need them: buy them for the project you need it for. But this is just my opinion. All the best, Stephan