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  • Tuba missing from individual downloads section

    I've been trying to purchase the Tuba as an individual download for several weeks now, and figured it was just an oversight that would be corrected, but it still is not there tonight.

    I understand why the strings are not offered individually, but is there any specific reason why the Tuba isn't? It seems to be the only single instrument missing from the individual downloads. 

  • Ah, no wonder I didn't see it, as I hadn't cross-referenced all of the DVD sets to notice that there is no Bass Tuba in any of them.

    I had assumed it was one of the other voicings, along with Contrabass Tuba, in my Brass II collection.

    The Wagner Tuba is also in my Brass II collection. So I was looking for the regular Tuba, as VSE has very few articulations.

    I somehow missed that the Bass Tuba is simply the regular Tuba from the Brass I collection (which I do not yet own).

    It is simply referred to as Tuba in the Brass I description (and probably Vienna Special Edition, which I own, as well).

    As far as I can tell, this is the only download instrument whose name does not appear exactly as it does in the DVD collections.