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  • VE graphics issue

    After loading more than 4 instances of VE with each VE having more than 10 instances of VI, I regularly get strange problems with the graphics of the VE interface-- parts of the interface appear in the wrong part of the screen and I can no longer click with my mouse on the interface.   On several occasions, VE x64 has even crashed.

    This situation is happening with nearly 7 GB of free ram still remaining on my system and only 20% cpu usage.

    I'm using Sonar 8 Producer edition

    Vista x64

    16GB ram

    nVidia 8800 video card with 512Mb memory

    Is there a known limit to the number of instaces of VE that can be opened on a single computer?   Is there a known limit to the total number of Vienna Instruments that can be loaded into the Vienna Ensemble instances?

    Would a video card with more memory (1GB?) make a big difference?

    Any thought about how to solve this problem would be GREATLY appreciated!



  • Update!!

    This issue happens after I load a total of 64 VI instances.   This can not be a coincidence as "64" is one of the magic computer numbers.  Is there a way to load more than this on a single computer?   A trick of some kind perhaps?



  • I don't know how it works on Vista, but on XP64 you need to apply a registry hack. This is the post, to save you doing a search:

    Vienna Ensemble in plugin mode shows some graphic problems when you load more than 59 instruments.

    This is related to the user handle limit. Windows (xp, vista) has a limit of 10000 userhandles per process and each instrument use 168 handles.

    This user handle limit can be changed in the registry (min 200, max 18000). So, open the registry with regedit and navigate to this key :

    Select the "USERProcessHandleQuota" entry and change the value to 18000 (in decimal)

    Restart your computer and you should be able to load about 100 instruments

    I've done this modification on several Windows XP 64 bits computer with success. It should be the same with Vista 64 bits.


  • Daryl, you just made my day!!!  Worked perfectly!

    I owe you a beer!!

    Thx a million,