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  • Some eclectic Tango chamber music

    so after some years of dealing with the romantic orchestra I return to smaller ensembles and composed these four pieces for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, guitar, double bass and guests:

    the plan is to extend this to an evening filling cycle which should be recorded and played on a little tour in autumn 2009. If you have any ideas for a label/publisher and/or concert agent or simply a place where you think this music would fit, I'd apreciate any idea.

    For the technically inclined: this is a Sibelius playback of the Special Edition Plus. Guitar is from EW Gypsy and the pizz/Jazz double bass from Trilogy.

    The drums are interesting, they're actually played by the guys from I always wanted to try this service and I'm quite satisfied.

    Comment away!


    - Mathis

  • Mathis ia an excellent composer, but what are all those repetitions for?  It sounds like a broken record.  It is hard to listen to that - it is irritating. Though I have trouble with minimalism. The instrumental performance is  excellent anyway.

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    @William said:

    It sounds like a broken record.

    Dear Bill, that's exactly the intention, hihi... 😉

    Of course it will sound a bit different when it is played by real performers.

    Thanks for listening, anyway. I didn't mind your former rave about my filmmusic, by the way... just had no time to respond.

  • Yes, that music for Possibility of an Island is tremendous.  So with the live performance you will have more subtle variations on this perhaps?   I can see that would be different.

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