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  • Saving VE custom controller layout

    Hi everybody, I'm new to the forum and to VSL so this is probably a newbie question but... Is it possible to save custom controller layout (for example assigning CC1 to Velocity XFade and CC74 to V-Span) so I don't have to re-arrange them for each new instrument I'm using? thanks tc

  • Off the top of my head, I believe these settings are saved when you save a Preset -- as opposed to saving a Matrix. I have a Preset save called blankpreset which contains no matrices, just the customizations and controller assignments, and midi level. I load this first, when I'm building new matrices.


  • thanks for the reply but my problem is mainly regarding each "Instrument".

    evrytime I open a new one it has standard controller layout (e.g. CC1 to V-Span).

    even if I configure one of this instrument (e.g assigning CC25 to V-Span) and save the preset every instrument I add still has the same controller layout

  • Are you asking for a way to change the VSL Presets en masse? If so, you can't.

    However, if you are making your own Presets, then either do as suggested above and save your own Preset, with all controllers and keyswitches, and load this before you create your Instrument, or use a startup.fxb instead, which will do it automatically (AFAIK, as I haven't done this for years...!).


  •  thanks a lot

    I will try this.

    Anyway it seems to me that loading a new matrix cause the instrument to also load the MIDI controller assingment...

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    @DG said:



    where do I find the startup.fxb?