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  • Syncrosoft "decryption failed" error in Vista x64

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    I'm am trying to migrate to a new 16gb Windows Vista x64 machine.   Silly me!  

    I'm getting a series of syncrosoft errors like:

    @Another User said:

    Brass 1 Horn ens L2

    Brass 2 Horns ens/Epic Horns L2

    Brass 2 Bass Trumpet L2

    Woodwinds 1 Oboe ens L2

    Percussion Bells L2

    Orchestral Strtings celi L2

    Chamber Strings celi L2

    Any help solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.   I have the all the lastest Vsl and Syncrosoft drivers.



  • I would try to split all the VI licenses on two different keys.



  • Thanks Herb!   Problem solved.



  • Jay,

    Out of curiosity, which motherboard are you using? I've seen now where Asus (and some others) have standard motherboards which will take 16 gigs RAM -- and that's not FB dimms.

    I recently bought an Asus but have only loaded up 8 gigs ( (4) 2 gig dimms ) -- because until recently the 4 gig modules have been very expensive. But they've come down to where it's almost reasonable. But I think you can get 4 4gig modules (so, 16 gigs) for something around $350 US$.

    Just curious about your motherboard.


  • I just built my first computer.   Fun and not too hard.

    The components that might interest you were:

    ram: 16GB (4 x 4GB) OCZ ddr2 kit for around $354 US dollars

    motherboard: Asus P5Q-E

    processor: intel q6600 overclocked to 3.2GHZ

    os: Vista x64 home premium

    The computer seems to be working well.   However, I'm still having issues with some of the software I rely upon like Altiverb.



  • That's similar to a recent slave I built to host VE: Asus P5Q-EM (micro atx version), but with e6600 and 8 gigs of RAM. Will put in 16 gigs when I can afford it. I think I'm liking this motherboard quite a lot so far. And the e6600 idles at very low temp. And all this in a micro ATX case. It's small. It's portable if need be.

    Thanks for the info,