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  • VE3 Repainting problem


    I am having repainting problems with VE3. I am running VE3 on a PC. Spec as follows :

    Quad Core 3GHZ
    16GB RAM
    Windows XP64 Professional
    Gigabyte GeForce 7200GS 256/512MB TC DDR2 PCIE DVI 480/800

    I have 6 instances of VE3 one for each section - WW, Brass, Percussion, Elements, Keyboards and Strings. This only creates 20% CPU usage and 10GB of RAM.

    It all works fine until I open the 6th instance, when I open the 6th VE it opens and works fine but there are weird painting on the top left of my windows background. It repaints bits of the VE in the top left of my screen,, no were near my VE instance. Also if I try and select any patch it does not select it.

    Anybody else getting this? I am not getting any repaint problems with any other software and as I said it only happens when I open my 6th instance.

  • Hi Simsy, I had the same problem until I made this change to my registry (follow link - thanks to Stéphane). It's not related to CPU or memory, but instead user handles. -Kelvyn

  •  Thanks for the help! I will try it and let you know.