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  • Splitting VSL Libraries

    Hi VSL Team,

    I'm trying a new stategy with my VSL sample libraries and it seems to be working.  My hope is that this will help spread the load accross my two drives better than just installing each library on a different drive.  I'm posting this thread to make sure there isn't any unintended side effects I might be running up against and am not yet aware of.

    I have two sample hard drives and both are eSATA-300 7200RPM 320GB formatted MAC OS X Extended (NOT Journaled).

    Sample HD 1 has the following directories on it and in each of these folders are the odd numbered dat files:

    25 AppassionataStrings

    25 AppassionataViolins

    26 AppassionataViolas

    27 AppassionataCelli

    28 AppassionataBasses

    25 Appassionata-II_Strings

    25 Appassionata-II_Violins

    26 Appassionata-II_Violas

    27 Appassionata-II_Cellos

    28 Appassionata-II_Basses

    53 SpecialBrass-Cornet

    56 SpecialBrass-Altotrombone

    59 SpecialBrass-Euphonium

    63 SpecialBrass-Trumpets-a6

    87 Elements

    95 SpecialKeyboards-Cembalo

    96 SpecialKeyboards-Harmonium

    97 SpecialKeyboards-PreparedPiano

    100 SpecialEdition

    101 SpecialEditionPLUS

    Sample HD 2 has the exact same directories on it except that Sample HD 2 contains the even numbered dat files.  Both hard drives and their directories are scanned with the Directory Manager.

    Is this a problem, can I split my VSL libraries this way?  Both drives seem to be equally busy whether I'm playing one instrument or many more instruments simultaneously.  Also, I believe I am getting less sputtering and less core audio overloads, though I have no evidence of this as it may be just a feeling I'm getting that this seems to be working better.

    Thanks, Brian [:)]