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  • Confused about Matrixes and keyswitching, can someone help please?

    Hi I'm relatively new to VI, having bought some full packages and now finally getting my teeth into learning it all. After spending hours scouring the forums and latest manual and tutorials, I'm finding hard to understand the keyswitching in matrixes, it's not working for me. Firstly I'm running the latest version VI software 2.x and reading the latest manual 2.0.1. Logic 8 MAC PRO Ok here's what's happening... I do the patch assign and create a matrix , say with 4 articulation keyswitches in control edit C0, C#0,D0,D#0 all fine, I assign it to the first matrix column. Automatically saves to first column Performance Keyswitch C0...up to there fine. I then take a factory preset matrix in the same instrument group and assign it to column 2 in the matrix column. Performance Keyswitch D0 ( I have to manually do this going into patch assign and the bottom has keyswitching for this matrix)?? When I go to Matrix one (C0) and want to hear keyswitch articulation D0 from Matrix 1 it instead changes across to Matrix 2 ( D0) .....the matrix itself. How can I stay within matrix one ( articulation D0) without changing across to Matrix 2 ( performance Keyswitch D0)...I'm confused. Manual says 2.0.1.... Matrixes page 18..."To edit the performance keyswitches and adapt them to your needs, simply right-click on the slot you want to change and hit the key you choose to assign to it on your MIDI keyboard or the Vienna Instruments’ virtual keyboard." This does'nt happen in my software... Even the method of applying keyswitches to Matrixes is confusing, where do I do this? The only place I have found is going to the Patch Assign and there down the bottom, I have found to apply keyswitching for the this correct? If it is why is my keyswitching not working properly, what am i missing?? I'm absolutely frustrated spending hours and not achieving what the tutorials say or the manual. I find it hard with the tutorials pointing to one thing and then your software is not the same as the tutorial or the manual. Can someone help please, I'm not a noob to computers or music software, but this has got me beat...what I am doing wrong and how do I setup the keyswitching for the matrixes? Sorry for the frustrated explanation but I guess with patience I'll get it happening.

  • Hi Joseph

    Yes, there are a lot of obstacles puted in the musician's way...

    I believe the problem is that C0 is not C0 but either C-1 or C1. It depends on your point of view.

    Almost anything within midi matters become a norm but not this one.

    Yamaha? and Roland? didn't find an agreement...

    So try whether your Keys will switch the matrix an octave below or above.

    Cubase shows C-1 for switching the C0 Keyswitch in the Vienna Instrument.

    I recommend to visit my homepage. There is more information about such special things ...

    All the best and have nice weekend

    Beat Kaufmann 

    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":