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  • Lost License

    Sorry if this has been answered before. But for some reason my percussion license disappeared. When i found it f=goen, I downloaded the latest syncrosoft for mac, but no luck. I cannot access my percussion. Any thoughts? Jay

  •  Hello Jay,

    just checked, your Percussion license should be on the second key you registered on our website. I don´t see anything unusual. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Paul, and yes that is how I remember it. The percussion samples and Brass samples are on the same external drive. However, the presets, patches and samples do not show up, even after utilizing the Directory Manager. Also, when I launch the License Control Center and refresh the licenses, every license this present except the percussion. Currently I am not at my studio so will try again when I get back there. I was able to work around by using True Strike, but would have preferred VSL. Sometimes computers have a mind of their own for awhile, and then they return to normal!! I will shoot you an email if the problem persists for any guidance. Possible I am doing something silly and don't realize it. best, jay

  •  HI Jay,

    you have updated your Syncrosoft LCC and the VSL Software, right?

    Another idea: Launch the Directory Manager, remove all folders and add them again by drag and drop from your Finder/Explorer. 

    This will refresh the paths.... on OS X, you have to restart your computer after that. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Paul, I sent you a personal message as this seems to be a problem singular to me. Did not want to waste space on the forum. Jay