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  • ribbon controllers

    I've been looking at ribbon controllers as a means to Orchestral and Big Band scoring since seeing two u-tube demos utilizing a Garritan Vln and a Chris Heinz Tbn. Particularly in the case of the Heins jazz ballad Tbn, ( I'm a tbnist) they nailed volume chgs., vibrato, legato, & the in between note inflections (and seemingly in one pass).However e. mails & calls to East Wst, VSL, GARRITAN etc are all non productive, and aside from the synths "PERSEPHONE" & maybe "Ondes Martenot" no one seems to use them and no one except DOEPFER seems to manufacture ribbon controllers.Does anyone have experience with ribbons in this scoring environment or either opinions or referals as to the why they seem to be unused?Note the u-tube "RIBBON CONTROLLER" GARRITAN & HEINS HORNS demos.Thanks in advance.