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  • How is your technical workflow when you score a movie?

    Hi you all. I have a question. In the past I did a lot of TV-Music. But this was 15 years ago, and so it was (more or less) in the "Pre-DAW-Era". So I did most of the stuff with live musicians, conducting them while I saw the movie. Then I spend one and a half decade touring and writing for theatres. Now I want to start again writing TV Music and realized: Things changed a lot (technically). There are nearly no budgets for life musicians anymore. Well I have the software and the sounds to produce the music I need (I am using Cubase 4.5 as my main program), but there are still some white parts on my technical landscape. My question is: How is your technical workflow when you score a movie? You load the complete movie into one project? That sounds not to clever. You slice it by musical parts? Whith whicht software you do this? Hope my quetsions are not too foolish. Best regards, Mathias

  • Hi Mathias, I'm not familiar with Cubase since I'm a DP guy, but I will use one file per cue, or if it's a shorter project, one file per reel. I'm not sure if Cubase utilizes sequences, but I can use DP to have each cue as its own sequence in a single project file, and just separate the files into reels. It kind of depends on the project and what my workflow is at the time. I'm constantly adjusting to try new things.

  • Hi Pringlestar. So you cut the project in oieces like you need it. That sounds pretty good. One more stupid question: You do this in DP or in a different program? Would be perfect to cut the movie on the platform where you want to produce. All the best,

  • Hey mathias, I usually don't cut the movie file into cues. Up until this point, the film has either been quite short, or split into reels. So I just open the movie in the Movie Window in DP. Further, DP has a function called "Chunks," which allows you to set the sequence start time at any point. So if you have reel 3, and your cue starts at 3:01:53;14, you can specify in the Chunks window to start the sequence or cue at 3:01:49;14 (to give yourself, say, 4 beats at 60 bpm prior to starting). Of course I also use the Markers function to indicate hits sync points, which also reinsures that everything is syncing at the proper places if I want to get free with the tempo. Hope that helps.