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  • Vienna Instrument not working, help please.

    Hi, Vienna Instrument isn't working properly : > in standalone mode, each time I start the app there is a white square window showing up (spinning ball) and I have to reboot my computer to get rid of it, really annoying... > in logic, the plug in makes logic unresponsive, I have to force to quit Other things : > one that I've already mentioned few months ago, I cannot update Vienna Special Edition Library, same problem as in standalone mode, white window... > The Vienna key is plug on a Cinema display, sometimes the plugin doesn't see it. MacPro, 10.5.4, Vienna plugin up to date, logic studio 8.0.2. Can someone tell me how to uninstall and reinstall the plugin properly ? I've already tried once and same pb occured... Thks in advance, Gregoire

  •  Dear gregosaure,

    the "white square window" indicates that your License Control Center does not work properly. Please make sure to have the latest version of Syncrosft´s LCC installed, which is version from: 

    I´d suggest to restart your computer before the installation of this update, it´s also recommendable to repair disk permissions (with <disk utility>). Make also sure, that your Vienna Key containing the license is plugged to an USB port and that the license appears correctly in LCC. I hope that helps.