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  • Sibelius: Way to Switch Samples mid-play?

    Hello gentlemen,

    Is there any way to switch samples from Sibelius with VSL, by which I mean let's say I have a violin sustain as the main sample loaded in vienna ensemble and in the 2nd cell I load tremolo violins. Is there any way to make the music switch between the two from Sibelius's side so that I don't have to manually cross fade the two samples from the VE side as the music records? For example if I put some sort of tremolo expression for example in sibelius in a bar, will it automatically switch to tremolo sample in the 2nd cell in VE? And same goes for other types of samples like pizzicatos, staccatos etc?

    Thank you for your help.

  • Well I just spent about 3 hours tooling around and while I couldn't figure it out I've found out how to articulate better what I am trying to ask.

    Basically just to re-iterate it better with proper terminology, what I am asking is, how do I switch articulations from sibelius? I have done a bunch of research and it appears that sibelius automatically is supposed to switch articulations if you have the sound sets. I have the sibelius 5.2 soundset available from this website in the 'needful things' section. However when I put in an articulation switch in sibelius it is still not playing that articulation.

    The part I seem to be confused about is in VE what am I supposed to use as the articulation? Let's say I want a one line piece by a violin in normal sustain so I click patch assign in VE and I drag a violin sustain patch into the top slot of a cell at the left. Now should that be enough for sibelius to automatically trigger a tremolo patch once I add a tremolo command somehwere in the score of sibelius? Or do I have to now add a new violin tremolo patch somewhere into the VE? I have experimented with this for hours with no results. I tried putting the tremolo patch for violins into the 2nd (bottom) slot of the cell on the left, underneath the violin sustain patch and this still does not work. Then I tried creating a whole separate cell either vertical underneath (1B) or horizontal to the right (2A), and this still does not work either.

    I can't figure out what I am doing wrong and why the articulation still will not trigger? I checked some of the documentation and I made sure that in the play > dictionary there IS a articulation that says: sound id change: +tremolo.unmeasured  under 32 tremolo.

    Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong????

    Thank you.

  • Wooh! After endless hours I finally figured it out. I am going to write the solution here just in case other newbies like myself are trying to solve the same problem because in my searches I have seen multiple threads here about the same thing and the people never got a proper answer.

    The problem was basically that I was using just single instrument patches loaded in the vienna ensemble. Now when I loaded a pre-made matrix instead from the "Matrix Assign" patch, now the articulations are triggered properly (so far at least - I've only tried one, the tremolo) through Sibelius. 

    I'm not exactly sure yet why the pre-made matrices that come with VE work but my own custom ones did not for activating articulations but either way it works.

    My only question that I hope someone can answer, though I will probably figure it out soon (at least I hope!), is how do you turn a particular articulation OFF now that I am able to turn them on? For example, if I loaded the standard violins matrix and a violin line in sibelius is playing notes and then the score says 'tremolo' and the tremolo articulation is activated, the violins continue to play the tremolo in the next bar and in every bar thereafter. But how do I make them go back to the default 'sustain' patch if I wanted them to play the tremolo only in that one bar and not continuously thereafter for the rest of the song. I just don't see any "sustain" sort of expression or articulation in Sibelius.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Make sure you are using Sibelius 5.2.5 not just 5.2 and use the VE soundset they provide - there were known problems with not resetting articulations with 5.2

  • Thanks alot! I was in fact using 5.2 and wasn't even aware a 5.2.5 was out so I am now upgrading.

    As for the sound sets, I believe the one I currently have installed is the one available from VSL's website although I AM aware that there is one available from Sibelius website and I believe they have different file names (though I assumed they were identical). But are you suggesting I should use theirs over the one available here at the VSL site under 'needful things'?


  • VSL/Andi were liaising with Sam Butler at Sibelius about the problems but unless VSL confirms that the VSL provided soundset is 100% compliant with the final 5.2.5 solution I'd suggest using the Sibelius 'official' version initially. If you've set up the soundset / dictionary / VSL per the Sibelius VSL documentation from their site then basic articulation switching should work ok.

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