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  • Vienna Ensemble 3 Network Questions - RAM Usage, Loading Times

    Hello Everyone,
    Just set up a Vienna Ensemble 3 system with a MacPro running DP 5.13 as a sequencer and a Mac Mini hosting Vienna Instruments Special Edition over the new network feature in VE 3. Works incredibly well, I'm very impressed by its ease of use.
    My question is about the loading of samples in the hosting (Mac Mini) computer. I have created an orchestral template in DP on the sequencing system that loads the same samples each time opened. When the Mini is first started, the load time is quite some time- there are many samples being hosted. However, I have noticed when moving from file to file (song to song) that uses this template, Vienna Ensemble 3 opens and closes (obviously, the Vienna Service remains open). While the load time is still shorter than if I had restarted the Mini, the load time is still in excess of a minute. When working with many files, this proves cumbersome when moving between them.
    How does the RAM function in VE3? Are some of the sample preserved within the RAM when closing down an instance? Or are the unloaded? Is there a way to keep them loaded?
    The only other alternative I can think of is to revert to VE2 and separate audio / midi interfaces so that the hosting template will remain open and not depend on the sequence computer's files.
    Any help on this subject would be most appreciated! Thank you,
    Joe Trapanese

  •  Well, I have a 8gb daw. Ive tried to mostly keep my Vienna instruments in the daw. Ive tried VE3 though and its the same there when changing projects, but if ive gotten the correct information VSL is going to change that for a future update so that loaded instruments will still be in memory and change of projects quicker. We just have to wait and see. Im using a workaround atm with my VSL projects loaded with a host in the computer before I load the sequencer... i get some strange glitches sometimes this way though, but helps my reloads by 5 minutes or more per project. Ask DG, hes the expert... but vsl is the designers