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  • Upgrading. Is this not an option?

    I currently own the VSL SE and would love to have the chamber strings and appasionata strings in the extended package. I noticed on the download page that these "extended" articulations are available via download but I am not able to purchase them (the buy button is greyed out) Since I already own the VSL SE package would it not be possible for me to buy the extended strings for the 135 euros? I would assume it is to do with unlocking only that part of the extended lib (that apparently is already installed with the VSL SE package, just not "turned on")

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  • I'm pretty sure that you need to buy the regular library before being able to buy the extended part of that same library.

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    Hello Darren,

    you cannot mix DVD products and Download Products, when you go from the Standard Library to the corresponding Extended Library.... here is an overview that shows your options.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL