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  • Londoners - Help!


    I will be visiting London next week. Can anyone suggest good places to buy some good sheet music? I also need to buy some good manuscript paper for scoring...I am looking for piano sheet music and of course - lot of full orchestral scores.

    So far I have always ordered online from the US or other UK sites. But this time I want to visit some good local shops and go through their collection..

    Please advice.




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    As already mentioned, the third floor of Foyles on Charing Cross Road has a decent selection of new scores, including Dover scores (but quite expensive), as well as lots of Eulenberg study scores. They also have a whole shelf with different sizes and shapes of manuscript paper pads, amongst other things.

    Note that Dover's own book shop on nearby Earlham Street does not carry any of their music scores, so don't go there unless you like wedge-shaped shops full of clip art.

    The east side of Charing Cross Road has numerous second-hand book shops which you can have a look at, but there is a dedicated music score shop just off Charing Cross Road, on the south side of Cecil Court (here's a picture looking east along Cecil Court; the music shop is labelled 'Music Opera Dance' on the right). Have a look at Google maps around Leicester Square tube station to see where this is.

    Farther north up Charing Cross Road, there are several general musical instrument retailers that might be of interest, particularly around Denmark Street, whose shops I believe contain more guitars than Vienna contains sausages.

    Over in Soho, Chappell's of Bond Street has a large selection of scores too; just to confuse you, they're not on Bond Street any more, having moved to Wardour Street.

    As I noted a while ago in another thread, everyone interested in second-hand music should experience the veritable midden of scores surrounding the piano in the basement of the Archive Bookstore at 83 Bell Street, off Lisson Grove in Marylebone. If he's in the mood, you might even get given a glass of sherry by the proprietor, just for keeping him company, as far as I can tell. If you're lucky, in among the piles and heaps and scads and piles of scores he has, you might well find things from the library of the Royal College of Music, or hand-notated performance scores from the BBC, as well as many, many cheap scores; certainly, things that you'll never find on Amazon or eBay, let alone in a normal book shop.

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    @vibrato said:

    The shop labelled Music Opera Dance - does not sell any sheet music it turned out. The shop opposite that - does!

    Well, apparently that was the one I meant, then.  If the one with sheet music isn't on the south side of the street, I'll be arbitrarily related to a monkey.

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