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  • How to alternate Timpani Patch?

    Using Special Edition, i have loaded the Timpani Matrix, is there anyway for me to alternate as a round robin between left and right hits? It seems the only way to do this is by keyswitch which isn't practical for faster passages. Be really grateful for any tips / workarounds on this one! Thanks heaps anyone who can help!

  • Well,  I dont know if it is this your asking. But you have for example C1-C3 alternations on C4-C7 on your keyboard in the same patch without Keyswitch. I think its that way on Special Edition.

  • Its a little confusing. When I load '01 Timpani Single Hits' It underneath the path name: 'AB: alt.l/r' I assume there is a way of alternating left and right hits, however I cannot see or hear any way of doing this!

  • Ah ok.  Well just use the normal TImpani hits patch then.  Left hand will be A#1-C4   and Right hand hits are A#4-C7 if you find the AB keswitch to not work for you.

  • AB switch is designed to switch between:

    - left & right hands mapped to different keyboard ranges,

    - or everything mapped in the same range (useful when you work with notation programms)



  • Thanks herb, that makes sense now. However for the mode where everything is mapped in the same range, do alternate samples round robin on the same successive note? or does it simply deactivate the 2nd keyboard range for timpani hits? Appreciate your help

  • I does automated alternating between left and right hand.