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  • Clarification of Single Instrument downloads as increment towards Extended License for DVD Coll...

    I'm still not quite clear on whether buying a single instrument download is a sensible way to incrementally buy the Extended license for a DVD Collection, or is meant strictly as a way of starting from scratch and/or from Special Edition. 

    Main point: do you HAVE to download and install the single instrument download, or does buying it "enable" the specific articulations in your already-installed DVD Collection?

    The hassle factor and redundant disc space waste have put me off from buying a Single Instrument download so far.

    But with the dollar briefly in a more favourable position to the euro (and this could change as soon as Monday!), it seems a good time to consider incrementally improving the available articulations for some instruments (especially if just a few from separate libraries), vs. saving up strictly for the whole-hog Extended licenses.

    I suppose the overall "wasted" disc space isn't terribly significant overall (though the doanload time and direct attention is), but of course there's also the issue of potentially maxing out one's Syncrosoft license key, by participating in the individual instrument purchases/downloads. 

  •  Hi mhschmieder,

    each download product needs the corresponding licenses and the corresponding sample content to run. 

    Purchasing a download product license does NOT enable the additional articulations of the Extended Library of your DVD Collection. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks; I realised after posting that you would probably have no way of getting Synchrosoft to set up a separate subset of Extended articulations.

    I did compare the articulations on offer more thoroughly this weekend, between Special Edition, Special Edition Plus, and the DVD Collections, as well as the Individual Instrument downloads, when accounting for both Standard and Extended content.

    It does seem that the Individual Instrument downloads have some overlaps with Special Edition, but not much, and that they offer a few of the most important Extended articulations missing from the Stdnard outlay of the DVD Collections.

    I'll probably start out with one or two core woodwinds (I only own Special Woodwinds at the moment) and go from there. I really appreciate that you have added this additional flexibility into the buying plan, but it took a LOT of study to determine the Special Edition Plus is not a good path for me, now that I own roughly 2/3 of the DVD Collections (several of them with their Extended licenses) :-).