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  • Using a laptop with VE 3

     With my current set up, I am running quickly out of ram even though I am using a pc with gigabit switch and 4 gB of ram.

    What could I expect from adding a laptop using Vienna Ensemble 3 (PC, 2gb ram, 5200rpm disc speed) in terms  of performance? And extra gig of samples would be just so perfect!  The laptop has at the moment only the slower lan connection and would be extended by a pcmcia gigabit lan card. Is it a good idea  when I connect a fast external hard-disc to that laptop?

    I know, it doesnt sound like the most common set up but thats what is possible right now for me. Any educated guess o this question would be appreciated. Otherwise, I might just jump and try it out. 

    regards Veet

  •  To put it more clearly:

    - Can I expect the pcmcia Lan card to perform as good as any other gigabit lan

    - Will the internal 5400 rpm hd be a serious showstopper

    - Is an external hd (7200rpm) peferable ?

  • basically you didn't mention processor and chipset of the laptop ... the *old* PCMCIA slots work fairly well, for gigabit as well as for audio ... just note, the first bottleneck will be the bus (from PCMCIA slot to chipset to memory to processor)


    i'd say simply give it a try using even the 100 Mbit port and the demo of VE3 (and a second key of course) - if you run *only* the guitar this might be sufficient enough.


    make sure your 5400 drive is well defragmented and your sample data is not located on the slowest regions of the drive - i.e. if possible directly behind the operating system. make the pagefile static (min = max) and as little as possible, don't run not essentially needed services/processes on the laptop


    again, just give it a try - if it is a core2duo you should get rather far ... replace any bottleneck which might show up step by step

    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.