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  • Hard Disk Defrag Method for VI - which is better?

    Can anyone recommend a Defrag method suited for Sample libraries such as VI? I am considering using one that sorts files on a partition by name alphabetically. This apparently speeds up things like windows startup as system files are often loaded alphabetically during startup. Files are probably loaded alphabetically when loading patches on VI, but would it possibly give any other benefits? Thanks anyone who can enlighten :)

  • no special sorting needed, just make sure the sample data as such are located in an unfragmented area and on the faster end of a disk ... maybe you'd like to place heavily needed instruments first and less demanding ones (eg. percussions) behind ...


    why is sorting of no meaning: every sample is loading a 64 KB piece of pre-load buffer first (i.e. a tiny piece out of a large file) - this happens for every sample loaded ... equally if sorted or not, those snippets are well spread across a large region of the disk.


    now start playing - a few of the loaded samples will start to stream and for them the VI engine needs to re-fill the buffer (in appr. 16 KB blocks) ... again those snippets are well spread depending on the melody you play ...


    however having the filesystem on the disk defragmented is always a good idea ... but once you have done so (or actually installed the lib onto a defragmented disk) nothing changes ....


    hth, christian

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks for the very informative reply Christian, much appreciated!