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  • Special Edition and Sibelius 5 - Legato Problems

    Hello all,

    I'm writing for string quartet, and have loaded matrices in VE for Solo Violin in Channel 1, Solo Violin in Channel 2, Solo Viola in Channel 3 and Solo Cello in Channel 4.  In Sibelius, I have loaded the appropriate Vienna Ensemble soundset, and assigned the following Sound IDs: Ch1 - strings.violin, Ch2 - strings.violin.2, Ch3 - strings.viola and Ch4 - strings.violoncello.

    From what I've read, this should all work fine, but in practice the two violins cut each other out when playing legato patches, as if Sibelius is trying to route the sound through to the same Vienna Instrument.  But my understand was that I could set two instruments up in Vienna Ensemble, as described above, and have the legato patches play independently of one another.  What have I done wrong

    Best regards,


  • Have you set the appropriate MIDI channels in VE?


  • I believe so.  I have switched the MIDI Out from "Omni" to the channels 1 through 4 for (respectively) Solo Violin, Solo Violin, Solo Viola and Solo Cello.  These correspond to the channels assigned in Sibelius.