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  • performance tool id

    hi i'm trying to activate my performance tool and the website asks for a computer id. serial id's for macs are usually 11 digits/letters long and the website keeps on sending a message saying that my id should be 8 letters.  am i doing something wrong?

  • you might want to consult the performance tool manual where the computerID can be found i.e. selecting the option *manual activation* in the performance tool activation wizard.

    however marnix already replied (1 month before your post here) that you have registered your libraries for gigastudio and AFAIK gigastudio for OS X has never been released so this will not work for you on a mac.

    you actually have been offered to upgrade to VI /sidegrade chamber strings to EXS but i can't ´find any reply from your side


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.