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  • Cubase, Sibelius, Logic ... Which one?

    H i Folks

    Very new to all of this so here is a basic beginner question.

    We would like to create some minus one (4) tracks for our flute band to perform to.  This  would involve using a piece of software to create the tracks.  I already own Sibelius 5 but find it of no use when wanting to include multiple live tracks i.e. a guitar and cello as 2 separate tracks performed by band friends along with the Sibelius strings etc.

    So, what software do you recommend for a couple of Mac users.  We do not mind spending cash to get quality.

    Many thanks


  • I would recommend "Cubase" (because I use it for years now. But I think that "Logic" would do the job as fine as "Cubase". Best regards...

  • Hi Paul, I would recommend to classify the mentioned programs in such especially for making scores and in such especially for recording.

    Sibelius and Finale e.g. are score programs. I use Finale only for composing and making scores.

    Logic and Cubase e.g. are audio sequenzers. A complete studio within a single software. I use Cubase for making the final tracks.

    For your purpose you need a software like Logic oder Cubase. But if you are a beginner it could be good to look for a smaller version of Cubase like Cubase LE. It´s easier to learn, and you don´t need all functions of the big version.

    Best, Rainer

  • Hello
    I was told that it was possible to do VSL articulation changes within the score when you write score in Sibelius.

    I have not find out literature about it yet ?

    Does anybody has the link ?



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  •  Hello Paul

    I don't know Sibelius but I'm currently working with Finale. Both of these programs are - as mentioned above - mainly developed

    to produce scores - and they do their job much more better than Cubase, Logic etc.

    They usually trigger VSL sample articulations by assigning them to certain score symbols / accidentals. If there is a crescendo in the score you will get the crescendo - but perhaps it is not the right one.

    Further: Scores are writen to read the notes in an easy way. This corresponds not always with the resulting playing style. So on the one hand you will have a good sounding peace of music but on the other hand a bad score result...

    In short words: You will be much more flexible with a software such as Cubase, Sonar, Logic for the asked task. Concider that there is also an audio side: inserting effects, "elastic audio", routing singnals to busses, track-automation for effects, volume, etc. These are the works which Sequencer-Programs are made for - but you can't really use them for producing good scores. [:)]

    All the best

    Beat Kaufmann


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • [quote=Cyril]Hello

    Sibelius 5 will play your articulations, provided that you have a suitable soundset. However, it still won't sound as good as when it's tweaked in Cubase.


  •  Hi Everyone

    Many thanks for your responses.  This is all very useful stuff.  I think I realised that Sibelius was really DTP for music with a bit of a preview.

    So, which is the better, Cubase or the Apple product (Logic I think).

    Finally, if I have a score in Sibelius, can I get across to the Cubase and/or Logic easily?

    Thanks so much for the time you have all given me so far.  I feel like I have a very steep learning curve ahead.


  • Whether you use Cubase or Logic is a matter of personal taste. I wouldn't use Logic because it's not cross-platform any more, and doesn't have the features that I need.


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    @dowrick said:

     Hi Everyone

     ... Finally, if I have a score in Sibelius, can I get across to the Cubase and/or Logic easily?



    Hello again

    Export the score as a midi file and import it with Cubase or Logic or...



    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":