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  • Does anybody know any good downloading software that can deal with dropping out from the receiv...

    Hi to the forum,

    I am having trouble with downloading the files for my download instruments. The problem is not from the VSL server end - it is mine - what happens is that somehow the connection seems to stop either half way, or anywhere during the file download. I then have to start downloading again.  I am guessing that while downloading, if I am doing anything with any other software program or just browsing the internet while the downloading is going - it seems to upset the download somehow - so, the only way I have been able to cope with this is to use the usual firefox download - but I just don't touch my computer at all, and the download goes fine - but very slow - maybe because I am using a wireless internet system, with the download from between 4 - 7.1  something or rather - whatever they measure it in - per seconds.  It is very slow and took me an enourmous amount of time  to download one of the clarinet cab files.With my emusic download system, you can seem to turn it off and on, and it will resume where it was left off. I don't know if this is possible with the VSL downloads using some type of downloading software that will do something similiar to the emusic software download - ie, resume the download where it cut off if there is a problem.

    Does anyone know of any?

    thanks if you can let me know.

  •  Hi Steve,

    please contact our or me directly, we can offer you an alternative download space via your "Personal Files", that might work better...



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  •  Hi Paul,

    thanks for that message. I'll contact you now.



  • Steve

    If you're on PC try GetRight which supports download resuming on most servers. If you're Mac based try iGetter.



  •  Hi Paul,

    thanks for the link to the personal download page you gave me. It worked perfectly - absolutely no problem at all.

    Thanks also Tim for your reply and info.