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  • Vienna Ensemble automation tracks all messed up in Cubase SX


    Don't know if this is a Cubase or a Vienne Instruments issue but I though I'd try anyway. I was working on a piece, it was fine one day, saved it and went to bed. When I opened it next day, all the automation data was screwed up.[:@]

    Some Vienna Ensemble channels didn't have an automation track any more but they had one the previous night. Then other instruments, that aren't even used in this piece had automation data all of a sudden (I'm quite sure I don't add automation to instruments that aren't used).

    I found automation tracks that belong to Vienna Ensemble back inside the ez Drummer folder (???) and as you can see in the picture, some instruments now have two automation tracks, one of them greyed out but still containing data.

    Has anyone seen this before? Can this be fixed or am I screwed?



  • Forget about it. I found the cause.

    The PC with the ez drummer VST instrument on it wasn't turned on, Cubase couldn't find it and stresset out. It still shouldn't mess it up like that but at least I know how to prevent it.