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  • VE-2 on XP64 PC with 8gig...How much RAM before crash?

    Hi Vienna,

    VE-2 on XP64 PC with 8gig...How much RAM can I use before I crash? My "commit charge" currently shows "6061 Meg used".....of an available "7698 meg" far can I safely push it?....thanx


  • I used to run up to about 7GB with my 8GB machine. I think that any more is risky.


  • DG.....thanx! SvK

  • Hi SvK and DG,

    I've been battling a RAM leak in my x64 system now for almost a year and can't seem to find what the problem is. Neither can VSL.
    Its driving me nuts.

    Can you guys both answer 2 questions for me please?

    1) When your WinXP64 boots up, before running any other software what is your Commit Charge?
    Mine is around 200mb.

    2) Now, before you run any other apps, launch just the VI. What is your Commit Charge after the VI is done scanning and is fully launched?
    After I launch the VI/VE2 the Commit Charge goes up to 1200mb!
    Why? I have no idea.

    I don't think your systems behave this way.

    I own these libraries including the extended data:

    Cube, AS 1, AS 2, Chamber Strings II, Elements, Bosendorfer, Saxaphones, Special Brass, Special Winds, Organ, Special Keyboards

    I do notice that Commit Charge igoes down with less volumes in the Directory Manager.

    On my WinXp 32 bit system, which was on the same computer with the same libraries this RAM leak did not exist.
    That is why I think I'm having a problem.