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  • Vienna Ensemble - Automation

    Please could somebody explain how automation works with Vienna Ensemble when it runs standalone but receives MIDI from Logic.

    Sometimes instruments seem to respond to CC07 (volume) whilst others don't.  Other times the only way to control volume appears to be via CC11 (expression). 

    Can I please get some clarification on when which controllers can be used for MIDI volume automation.  I've checked the manual, and unless I'm mistaken the word "Automation" is not even mentioned.

    Many thanks for any help.


  • This Volume vs. Expression is a Logic bug, AFAIK. Do a search and you'll probably find more posts about it.


  • Thanks DG.

    So which one should work in this context - Volume or Expression?

    Thanks again


  • You're asking a PC Nuendo user, so you take your chances with the answer. [8-|]

    However it is my understanding that Expression works, but Volume affects all Instruments in VE, so is of less use.


  • Hi Jules,

    Volume (CC7) should work on all channels independently if you're using a standalone - at least it does on my rig the few times I've tried it. How are you routing the MIDI to the standalone?



  • Thanks Guys

    I'm routing MIDI via the IAC Midi Bus to Ensemble 2 running standalone.

    From what I can make out, Expression does indeed seem to work on all channels, but volume also works on some (definitely not all) channels.  When I found that most channels weren't responding to colume, I'd assumed volume was ignored or only routed globally, but I notced that some channels were running really quiet, and then discovered that they were in fact responding to some old Volume midi cc data. I can't see any pattern in terms of which do/don't respond, so I guess it's either a bug with Logic (if all should be responding), or with Ensemble (if none or all should).

    Either way it's a little confusing, and some guidance from VSL or some info in the manual would be really useful.

    Many thanks again